’Xione' is a live-electronic piece. It can be played in different versions, but my idea from the beginning was to use two instruments: micro modular & chaos pad.

I have many patches on my old micro modular and I went through them all in advance and wrote down some settings for the different patches to remember during a concert which should be completely live. I let the sound from the modular go through the chaos pad where I used loops and other effects. This was important because every time I change patch on the micro modular there is silence. The chaos pad can help the sound and music to be continuos. But I have tried a solo micro modular before and it works if you stick to the same patch. 

I wanted to create a situation and environment and through the sounds tell a story. I thought some of the patches sounded like if you were on the beach. You could hear the waves, the people and someone digging in the sand. I also found a sound that sounded like an ambulance. It was very intriguing and the sounds did create a lot of pictures in my mind. 

This piece is not a typical one of mine. I usually not play live solo or even play on stage at all but I wanted to challenge myself. 


Material to download:

Soundfile (contact the composer to get the file)


Listen: Nr 52 (Xione)