’viivii' is a piece that was commissioned by the Swedish violinist Karin Hellqvist in 2016. The piece is for solo violin and electronics and is going to be written and premiered in 2017. 

The title 'viivii' has the two contrasting meanings of purity & corruption, or in other words, clean & impure. In the piece I look for what's in between; the small details. I try to find the humane, not focusing on what is black or white. This search for balance creates some turbulence and conflict. Each time the music goes too far in one direction or another, it has musical consequences such as the violinist closing her eyes while playing or blowing heavily onto the instrument. Everything to find equilibrium again. The search provokes a nervousness in the musician, who behaves more and more troubled and desperate. The details of the music once again give balance, not only in the music but also in the violinist.