’Myosotis' is an electronic piece which can be played both in stereo or surround (5.1). I have used old recordings in many pieces. In this piece I used my own voice from when I was two years old, singing a famous Swedish children's song about a sheep. It was recorded on a cassette tape I found in the attic. At the end of the piece my father and brother talk. 

They say:

Brother: What time is it?

Father: Twenty minutes past ten, in the evening. 

Brother: At that time, Mouse-Olle doesn’t catch children. Not in the evening. Only during the night.

Father: …yes…

- - - - - - - 

Myosotis is old English and Latin for Forget-me-not. 

’Myosotis' is a part of my flower serie Flora"Other pieces in that serie are LoveendL, Sigh, R. Tilia!, Aq-V-le & Euphorbia.


Material to download:

Soundfile (contact the composer to get the file)


Listen: Nr 32 (Myosotis)