’Eoneo' is a version of the string orchestra piece Neo, originally written for l'Orchestra Sinfonica di Perugia e dell'Umbria, an orchestra in Perugia, Italy, in 2006. ’Eoneo’ is written and revised several times and the latest version is written in 2017. The duration is about 14 minutes. 

The title ’Neo’ is Italian and have 3 different meanings: new, mole & flaw. During the working process I was reading the famous Swedish epic poem called Aniara (written in 1956) by Harry Martinson, which I think inspired to the atmosphere of the piece. The poem describes an endless journey into space. The earth is destroyed and there is no way back. The spaceship Aniara with thousands of people is travelling in the wrong direction, due to a collision with a meteor. The habitants of the spaceship continue to live their lives for generations without any hope of rescue. Their only hope is Mima, the spaceships soul, which they worship. 

”The empty sterile space provokes our horror.                     Glass-like its stare encircles us.”

The title of this version, ’Eoneo’, is created inspired by the old title and the poem. Eons (also spelled aeons) of neo: eoneo. Eons can be described like this: "Within gnosticism, an eon is rather a term for spatial than temporal thinking - a kind of transcendent world or being emanating from the highest divine, and to which human soul seeks". 


The instrumentaiton of ’Eoneo' is:

2 Flutes (2nd alt. piccolo)

2 Oboes

2 Clarinets (alt. Clarinet in Eb & Bass clarinet in Bb)     

2 Bassons (2nd alt. Contrabassoon)

2 Horns in F   

1 Trumpet in C     

1 Bass Tuba

1 Harp

1 Percussion (Crot., Gongs, Chimes, Cymbals & Gran cassa)

Solo group: Violin, Viola & Cello

Violin I (5)                                                                           

Violin II (4)                                                                         

Violin III (4)                                                                              

Viola (10)                                                                                

Cello (8)                                                                             

Double bass (6)

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